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Lost & Found Pet

The best way to ensure your pet does not get lost is to maintain your property enclosures and control your pet when off your property by placing it on a leash. If your pet becomes lost, the best way to ensure its’ return is to make sure it wears a collar containing a current rabies tag and a City of Longmont license. If your pet is lost, please contact the Longmont Humane Society, which is located at 9595 Nelson Road and their phone number is (303) 772-1232 and file a lost pet report.  If you find an animal that is wearing a City of Longmont license or a rabies tag, you can call the phone numbers on the tags during regular business hours for owner information. You can also take a found dog or cat directly to the Longmont Humane Society. After hours, or on weekends, you can call the Longmont Police Department Animal Control Unit, at (303)651-8500, and we will assist you in returning the animal to its owners.

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